State-of-the-art safeguards and security systems means your documents are always within your control and only in the hands you want.

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A safe pair of hands 

When it comes to an important deal with sensitive documents, security is paramount. DealDocs has a number of unique features to ensure that your deal is protected at all times, and puts the control in your hands.


Create and apply the security policies you want, giving you control over who can see what and when they can see it. You decide whether a document can be printed, downloaded or even copied. Even when a document is moved onto a personal computer or storage device, the security policy travels with it, meaning your documents are never out of your hands.


Using DealDocs advanced AES encryption systems, your documents are fully protected and your data room is impenetrable. Even the most sensitive information is safe with DealDocs, thanks to our advanced encryption framework.


Accountability is key when sharing important information, and DealDocs dynamic watermarking gives you complete protection. You can enforce an automatic watermark on every page displaying the user’s full name and the date and time they accessed the document. You can even customise your watermarks with as many lines of text as you’d like.


Set an expiration date for a document, meaning you choose exactly how long a document can be viewed, even if it is on a personal computer. If you have inadvertently disclosed a document and need to expire it straight away, it’s simple. Instantly disable the document, no matter where it is and who’s using it.


Leave no trace behind, as all of your documents can be completely removed as you wish. DealDocs doesn’t keep any copies that you don’t want, giving you complete security over any sensitive information and making sure nothing falls into the wrong hands.

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